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Want to challenge and improve your balance? This pad is the ticket!

Balance Pad

Improves circulation, promotes lymphatic drainage, challenges balance, and feels amazing! Plus, it comes with a lifetime warranty.

Vibration Plate

Ideal for lying on, stretching with, and practicing balance work, this soft foam roller has a flat bottom to help you feel more secure.

Half Foam Roller

Stretch your tight legs without killing your grip. This strap has easy-to-hold loops that help you get a deeper stretch. Compact and light to take on your travels.

Stretch-out Strap

Props & More

at-home Pilates

Stick to your Pilates practice with these fun grip socks!

Grip Socks

Just like the Alpha Ball, this therapy ball set is wonderful for releasing tight spots. Use the balls individually or as a set. Pair it with the Alpha Ball for a complete myofascial release toolbox.

Therapy Ball Set

The Alpha Ball is fabulous for deep tissue work. It helps release those tightly-held spots of tension. Pair it with the Therapy Ball set for a complete myofascial release toolbox.

Alpha Ball

Add light hand weights to take your Pilates workout to the next level. Great for toning arms. Choose the weights that work best for you (2 lbs, 3 lbs, 5 lbs, 8 lbs).

Light Hand Weights

Stretchy bands are a wonderful way to add resistance to your Pilates workout. They're also super easy to pack if you are working out on the road.

Theraband 3-pack

The Oov is relatively new to the Pilates world, but it's incredible for clients with tight low backs and shoulders. Make sure to get the size that matches your body measurements.


One of my all-time favorite Pilates props. Plus, it makes a great chair for working from home. Make sure to get the size of ball that matches your height.

Big Ball

If you have hip pain or low back pain, these bands are a great addition to your at-home Pilates workouts.

Fabric Loop Bands

This modern-day adaptation of Joseph Pilates' original creation is a perfect all-around prop for keeping a happy and healthy spine.

Spine Corrector

This easy and adjustable prop can increase your effort in Pilates mat work. Ankle weights also work great on walks.

Ankle Weights

Love it or hate it, the Magic Circle will take your Pilates practice to the next level!

Magic Circle

Pilates mats are thicker and more cushioned than traditional yoga mats, which makes them comfortable for rolling exercises.

Pilates Mat

Balance challenge alert! These inflatable discs are a great Pilates prop to practice your balance and improve your core stability.

Inflatable Disc

Add these sliders to your next Pilates workout and your core, shoulders, and inner thighs will thank you.

Fitness Sliders

This small ball can add so much fun to your Pilates workouts by requiring more stability and improving core strength.

9-inch Inflatable Ball

Small but mighty, this half dome is a game changer if you have tight calves, tight low back, or leg cramps. I keep one under my bathroom sink and stretch when I brush my teeth.

Half Dome

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Lymphatic drainage is all the rage in health circles for good reason. Dry brushing your skin before showering can help promote lymphatic drainage while exfoliating your skin. Win-win!

Dry Brush

This cushion is great for meditating, napping, and using as a prop in your Pilates practice.

Meditation Cushion

There are so many reasons to get a squatty potty, even if you don't think of yourself as someone who has troubles in that department. Trust me, easy elimination is like a reward for your future pelvic floor health.

Squatty Potty

Nothing helps us heal and perform better than a good night's sleep. Try these soft eye masks to block out ambient light.

Sleep Eye Mask


beyond the mat

Learn Pilates at home with these 3 FREE videos. 

Video Series


I'm so glad you're here! Stick around - there's so much to see!


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